” I see my biggest function as an advocate,” say Angela Bowen.

” I am a black,lesbian,feminist,writer, activist. I see all of these as equal functions.”

Excerpts from “The Passionate Pursuits of Angela Bowen”


Dissertation, Angela Bowen, 1997                                             Audre Lorde and Angela Bowen


      “Diving Into Audre Lorde’s “Black Studies””

Publications by Angela Bowen

1996  “Take Your Pageant and Shove It” Radically Speaking: Feminism Reclaimed                                                                                                                                                  Editors Diane Bell and Renate Klein. Melbourne Australia, Spinifex Press

1996  “Enabling a Visible Black Lesbian Presence in Academia”: A Radical Reasonable Request in Radically Speaking: Feminism Reclaimed

1996 “Completing the Kente: Enabling the Presence of Out Black Lesbians in Academia.”  Lesbian Studies                                                                                                      Editors Bonnie Zimmerman and Toni McNaron. New York, Feminist Press

1998  Encyclopedia of Lesbianism: Entry 1: Anita Cornwell  Entry 2: Black lesbian Feminism

1998  “Testifying: My Experience in Womens’ Studies  Doctoral Training at Clarke University.” Journal of Feminist Studies. 24.2 1998


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