Profile Productions

    Established 1988

Jennifer Abod is an American feminist activist and award winning media producer.                              

Abod holds a Ph.D. in Intercultural Media Education and Women’s Studies. As a feminist,activist and professor, Abod was part of the dawning of the second wave of feminism in the U.S.  

In 1988 she created Profile Productions to produce and distribute media featuring feminist activists and cultural workers, particularly women of color and lesbians who influence broad constituencies. She created her first audio documentary, “Audre Lorde: An Audio Profile.” While working for several years as a media specialist for Digital Equipment Corporation, directing, writing and producing corporate audio and videotapes, she was determined to access the skills she would need to document women’s lives. She completed her first feature video documentary in 2002: “The Edge of Each Other’s Battles: The Vision of Audre Lorde,” which is currently being screened in national and international venues.

Co-founder and singer of the New Haven (CT) Women’s Liberation Rock band and co-writer of “The Liberation of Lidia” the first feminist radio soap opera, she hosted and produced programs on community,public, and commercial radio in New Haven, Philadelphia and Boston for nearly twenty years. She was the first woman in Conneticut to host a nightly AM radio talk program, “The Jennifer Abod Show” which she ran for four years.

Abod has organized and moderated “Fighting Racism: White Feminist Stories” a panel and work session at the National Women’s Studies Association Conference which has provided an opportunity for white women to reflect and learn from each other’s experiences after years of work. 

Abod is available for presentations and workshops. Topics include:

  • The making of the Audre Lorde Film
  • Creating feminist documentary
  • The role of film and culture in social justice movements

Jennifer Abod was named a Research Scholar at UCLA for work on The Passionate Pursuit of Angela Bowen.


Profile Production Team


Mary Duprey joined the Passionate Pursuits team in November of 2011 as the editor of the film.

Mary embarked upon her film career in 2003 by creating promotional pieces and trailers for charitable organizations and documentary films.

In addition to editing films for other producers, Mary is beginning to produce short documentaries for her website: Breakthrough Visionary The purpose of these films is to spotlight amazing visionaries and the ground-breaking technologies and programs they are using to solve many of the problems facing our world today website.

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Background: photojournalism; digital media; community and political organizing

I began working with Jennifer Abod several months ago in the capacity of a “scanner” and in photograph restoration. We worked closely to scan and evaluate specific photographs out of Angela Bowen’s personal collection. A number of the images required restoration because they had been bent, scratched, or wrinkled over the years. As we worked closely together I developed a deep interest in the subject: The Passionate Pursuits of Angela Bowen.

I was inspired by the dynamic life and works of Angela Bowen. A story that needs to be told! It was my privilege to assist Ms. Abod in this limited role enabling her to tell the complete story through living interviews and dated programs and photographs.

Learn more (Intersections: Portraits of Neighborhoods) Under Construction


Diannah Morgan joined Profile Productions in 2006 and played a vital role throughout the production phase of the Passionate Pursuits of Angela Bowen until January 2012.

Her collaboration with director Jennifer Abod included editing, motion graphics, internet applications, and website update. She contributed generously her creativity, computer, technology and multimedia expertise.



Lynn Weissman is an award-winning cinematographer, editor, and producer. Her work has been broadcast on the web, public and cable TV, and screened at festivals nationwide and in Canada, and won grants and film competitions.

She is mission-driven in her work, creating video for documentaries, non-profit and educational purposes, art and artists, and special events. Lynn enjoys getting to be both a geek and an empathetic human being through her video projects, continually learning about technology and about people. She has the remarkable privilege of bearing witness to extraordinary stories and events, and meeting extraordinary people – like Angela Bowen and Producer Jennifer Abod.

Lynn filmed interviews and other footage for Passionate Pursuits in Boston, Massachusetts, and she and her family also had the pleasure then to host Angela and Jennifer at their home in Somerville!

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2 thoughts on “Profile Productions

  1. How can I get in touch with you to discuss a documentary about old women? I got the idea when I finished my M.A. in Women’s Studies at SFSU and have been working on it for several years since then, but need help in resolving some production issues. Would you be interested?
    Rochelle Goldman

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