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by Traer Price

Bravo! You are capturing Angela’s myriad facets, wouldn’t have thought that was possible :). So mush great,juicy,meaty content. And I expected to be completely uncomfortable with my interview segments and surprised myself-you are using the words I spoke most directly from my heart and therefore I am very proud to be seen.

Erin Murphy Such a moving and historically significant portrait that is relevant to many areas. Can’t wait to see the rest.”

Jackie Joice (writer/photographer) “I love what I saw so far. The footage is awesome and the B and W photos are great. Great Storytelling.”

Jan Aura (PhD Clinical Psychologist) “This film celebrates all the amazing ways we can be authentically ourselves over our lifetimes. Bowen has been an inspiration to others all of her life-this film allows her to be an inspiration forever to so many more. Angela’s creative independent spirit is informed by the history she participated in and illustrates a universal desire to experience self-while contributing to the communities in which we live.”

Allyson Fletcher “A beautiful chronology of a story well worth telling and well worth being received in the heart! I can hardly wait for the balance of the film. I just loved seeing Dr. Bowen evolve as a person and enjoyed just “being” in the various stages of her life-real growth!”

Terra Balthrop (TV Producer) “I adore the beginning. I love not knowing her and coming to completely fall in love with her in the first few minutes. Brilliant. I was in chills for most of this. Just so incredibly relate able and inspiring. I am so excited about the future of this project. I cannot wait to see the final cut!!”

Sharon Raphael (Professor. ‘Old Lesbians Organizing for Change) “The rough-cut was very moving and so herstorical. I loved the footage of the dancers in the states and in Europe and looking for Angela who stood out– immediately recognizable.”

Mina Meyer  (Old Lesbians Organizing for Change) “I really loved the rough-cut. It kept my attention and was very informative. I look forward to seeing the finished film. Keep up the good work.”

Michael Kaufman (Computer Programmer) “The most important aspect for me was the focus of Angela on creating not just young dancers, but perhaps more significantly, developing whole, vibrant thinking and passionate young people. The t4estimony of many of Angela’s now adult students and collaborators made me cry.

Krystle Braxton (Dance Instructor) “One of a a kinds. Your story is so inspiring and people of all backgrounds and beliefs will benefit from it. This first part of the film has manged to affect one in such a way that I know the complete film will have the potential of changing lives. Watching your story makes me want to make a difference in the lives of people I come in contact with. Watching her struggle gives me the confidence and assurance that I can also do something positive with my own life.”

Margaret Karteron (Operations Officer) “This is a wonderful story. Thank you for sharing this story-important from many perspectives: the way that dance allows us to express ourselves in the fusion of the mental, emotional, the physical; the story of a person who was gifted and to know she is and then has the courage to live it. I look forward to seeing the finished product. I feel richer because of it. Thanks for the glimpse.”

Vivian Price (Professor University of California Dominguez Hills) “The images and moving footage over the interviews are great. Loved the story line!”

Diana Fox (Diana Fox, Professor Bridgewater State University, Rhode Island) “Absorbing, captivating, enriching, inspiring”

Carinda Humphliver (Librarian) “This is awesome! There is such an appeal on so many levels. I look forward to seeing the second half.”

Marie Cartier (Professor of Film and Media/gender Women’s Studies) “Great film…! I really liked it-keep going!! I think it is a great example of “living a life” …in all its complexities.”

Kalisa Myers “The most incredible wake up call to action. It came from Black History. It came from Angela’s song. From a beautiful telling. The clips of the dances speak to the huge body of accomplishments.”

Linda Hobbs (Real-Estate/Loan Modifications) “This is an excellent film: it causes audiences from different generations, races, political views, socio-economic backgrounds to analyze racism, sexism, class issues, poverty and international differences.”

Dan Castanon (Verizon Service Rep) “I was captivated. The film was rich visually and in content.”


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